American Canine Institute

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We Are Licensed and Insured

American Canine Institute-IDAHO is the latest facility to be opened in Ontario, Oregon as part of our national organization.

Our Mission

We will provide the best and most progressive professional dog training possible. We want to help you and your dog feel confident to go anywhere together. We want to unleash your dog’s true potential and allow you to experience a better life with your dog!

Our History

We were founded in 1983 by Robert (Bob) J. Vance, when he began a business conducting dog training classes in the greater San Francisco Bay area. Our second location, American Canine Institute & Kennels, was established in 1986 in Mountain View, California. We boarded dogs and cats, and conducted group and private dog training classes there and at other locations throughout the Bay area until 1996 when we moved our Mountain View operation to Dixon California. 

 In 1996, American Canine Institute opened the Fremont, CA facility.  Now in November of 2015, we have opened an office in Fruitland, Idaho and subsequently in 2017 we opened our Training, Boarding and Daycare center in Ontario Oregon.

Personalized Canine Training You Can Count On

We show you how to create an environment where your dog’s state of mind will be transformed. Your dog will be calmer, more relaxed, and balanced. You will learn how to read your dog’s body language and really be able to “listen” to what they are telling you.

It’s important that you understand that behavioral problems cannot be loved away. For example, giving your dog total freedom, affection, and treats, is not an effective approach in resolving your dog’s bad behavior.

Why the American Canine Institute Dog Training?

What makes us different? Our greatest happiness is seeing you (and your family) succeed in communicating properly with your dog and all the joy that brings. You aren’t just a “client”, you become part of our ACI pack. We pay attention to the smallest of details, and depending on the situation, provide you with training tools and materials such as homework, training handouts, pictures and/or videos. We take the time to set you up for long-term success.

Our programs are the most comprehensive dog training and behavior programs available in Idaho. We specialize in real-world training and behavior modification, for those who want a well-mannered dog who is calm, respectful, and less impulsive.

We use a balanced approach to training. Summed up very simply, a balanced trainer uses all quadrants of learning. We believe that like humans, dogs thrive in a life where there is a balance of rewards and consequences and clear, consistent communication. All too often, dog trainers get stuck in the “one-size-fits-all approach.” Our goal is to motivate your dog to learn, perform, to build confidence in both you and your dog by using humane, consistent, safe, and interactive training.

We believe that if you take an extreme position in one way or the other, you will severely limit your ability to help a dog and your clients. Many of our clients call us to help with behavioral problems that are due to anxiety, fear, and/or stress. Our objective is to help your dog (and YOU) out of this state of mind as quickly as possible to help restore order to your lives.

Our Achievements

We have developed the Pets to Service Dog Program, recognized by the Doctors at Stanford University Medical Center.   We have developed the highest standards in training for Assistance/Service dogs.  We have placed numerous Service/Assistance dogs over the years with overwhelming success.  

We have worked with and trained Law Enforcement K-9s for several agencies. 

Service Areas: 
  • Caldwell ID 83605, 83607
  • Eagle ID 83616
  • Emmett ID 83617
  • Fruitland ID 83619
  • Homedale ID 83628
  • Meridian ID 83642, 83646
  • Middleton ID 83644
  • Nampa ID 83651, 83686, 83687
  • New Plymouth ID 83655
  • Parma ID 83660
  • Payette ID 83661
  • Star ID 83669
  • Weiser ID 83672
  • Wilder ID 83676
  • Boise ID 83709, 83712
  • Garden City ID 83714
  • Ontario ORE 97914
  • Vale ORE 97918

More Details

We take pride in providing training according to your needs and NOT the size of your pocketbook. We guarantee that we will not attempt to oversell you.